Starting September 23, 2019, the Hernando County Public Library System will be offering Educator Cards for local teachers and home school parents.

In order to get one, teachers will need to provide a current school ID or letter from their institution.

Home school parents will need some form of certification or verification that they are indeed homeschooling children.

What can you take?
· Instructional DVDs: 5 per card
· STEM Kits: 2 per card
· Books: up to 25 per card

How long can you keep them*?
· Books: 6 Weeks
· STEM Kits: 2 Weeks
· Instructional DVDs: 6 Weeks

*All items checked out are not renewable.

Fines & Fees:
· No late fines
· Responsible for lost items / replacement costs
· Replacement library cards: $1