1. Become well informed advocates of our outstanding county library system.

2. Promote greater citizen use of library services, programs and materials.

3. Communicate more frequently and effectively with the Board of County Commissioners.

4. Continue support of the Friends of the Library of Hernando County.

LAC Oriented:
1. Continue education about library services, with presentations by Library Services Director, Assistant Director, County Administrator, representative(s) of State Library, and others.

2. Be familiar with the “job description” for a committee member and update and revise the job description as necessary.

3. Elect officers in January biannually.  Review and update goals and objectives biannually in February of the opposite year in which election of officers is held.

4. Conduct interviews for potential new committee member and formulate recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners.

5. Attend locally offered county and library education or training programs.

6. Attend workshops or seminars within the region covering topics with issues facing libraries on the local, regional, state and national levels.

7. Participate in community event(s) to further the outreach of the library.

Public/Outreach Oriented:

8. Prepare an annual report (due 12/31) for the public, Board of County Commissioners, and library staff.

Programming Initiatives:

9. Attend or sponsor public lectures or programs to promote library.

10. Participate in long-range planning efforts to enhance library services and facilities.
Reviewed by Library Advisory Committee:  3/17/2016
Approved by Library Advisory Committee:  3/17/2015